Welcome to Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc

 Helping  "the least of these."  Matthew 25:35-45

Love gifts for Thunderdome Ministry are welcome and encouraged

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This location will be used for various teachings,sermonsandothermaterial.
The ministry has been with Tripod.com  since 2008 and will remain such.until futher notice.

What is Thunderdome Ministries all about?   

Frankly it is a  ministry who desires to pick up the slack in areas other ministries do not or fall short on doing.

Is Not Visiting Enough? 

The answer is no and here is why. About 99% of those incarcerated end up back in the exact same area they came from. Thus they have their hands on instant highs and to instant weapons of destruction.

The hardest part of getting out is re-adjusting to society that is ever changing. For some seeing a computer, laptop or even a tablet or smartphone can be an instant shock. It takes at least 90 days to readjust to a different society. And you can not simply get it by driving trough Burger King

What does This ministry plan on offering?

For ages he vision has been o build a multiphase campus where a Christian could work, learn and worship the Lord in peace and safety on 100 acres plus. There would be no dorms but actual houses with actual beds to bunk down in every night.

Every person would undergo not just computer training but also Biblical both on and off campus. Thus making Chapel and church attendance a must. In regards to work there will always be something that needs to be done on campus. Even i is sweeping the parking lot. Just think if a person stays with the program he would have something to put on his resume,

Where is the Campus?

It frankly still needs to be built. Reason why is has not been built is there has been no financial support to proceed,  The estimated  cost to build and maintain for  at least five yeas is around the $50 million dollar mark give or take.

Has anyone gave? The answer is a resounding no. They see the vision.They understand the vision. But they wont give to the vision. That is where the problem lies.

                                                                      So now you know the vision of the ministry.

Now how will you help?

Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.

David Liebler  Evangelist, Founder, President

4935 Wood Street

Waterford, MI USA


You can lean and see more about his ministry